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With home furnishings, consumers are increasingly over-choiced and rudderless in a sea of possibilities. Stoke helped to position Schoener as a guiding light in home design – helping clients define and express their personal style.

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In 1976 Linda Schoener started a small practice helping clients with their re-upholstering needs. Over three decades, she progressively expanded the company’s range of services and products, including forging a partnership with a high-end furniture maker.

Today Linda and her sons, Matthew and Brian, oversee Schoener’s substantial retail showroom at Bellevue’s Lincoln Square, combining fine home furnishings with integrated services from professional interior designers and construction general contractors, to help clients realize their unique vision.


Across the home furnishings sector, competitors face increasing pressure from discount and online retailers and outlets. Unfortunately, consumers became frustrated by the formulaic look of catalog collections. Schoener realized there was an opportunity to help owners personalize and make sense of their choices – creating a home that is unique to their needs and personal identity. That meant changing the conversation around design from objects – like a sofa or table – to helping people interpret and express their personal style.


Stoke created a simplified, signature brand identity system, including a departure from its association with a single furniture line. From now on, the company would be simply: Schoener. The freehand-lettered logotype is refined but expressive, reflecting the personal character of the brand. We also developed a fresh visual design system including typography, color, visual vocabulary, signage and advertising.

The new brand name and identity reinforces Schoener’s key attributes: attention to detail, thoughtful planning, delightful surprise and deeply personalized experience.

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Sketches by Jonathan Ball